Things to do before Jan.19

Before our next class meeting:

  1. Finish the shoutbox exercise — — we left off on page 10, at the subheading “How it works.” Stay in XAMPP for now. Write down any questions you have so we can talk about them in class. Even if you Google the answers, consider sharing them with everyone.
  2. Do the second set of SQL exercises. Link on the Course Schedule under Week 3.
  3. Watch the video linked under Week 3. It’s a preamble to our discussion of SQL injection attacks.
  4. Take the quiz. It is in Canvas and it’s already open. All about SQL statements.

Just to be clear: The first graded assignment will be due on Friday, Jan. 22, after the Week 3 class. The instructions will be in Canvas on Tuesday, Jan. 19.

I have regular office hours every Wednesday from 1 to 3 p.m. I am also available at other times — just email in advance so you can be sure to find me in my office, because there are plenty of times when I am not there.

Ajax resource

I felt like I left you hanging a bit on how Ajax works, so I searched for a better explanation. I found a lot of tutorials that didn’t really provide any more than I did in class. Then I found this one. It’s part of the “Learn” section of the official jQuery site. It’s maybe more detail than you want right now, but it’s very clear, and at the end of the short article you’ll find links to five sections that further explain all the possibilities of Ajax.

I added this link — Ajax explained (jQuery) — to the resources list in the right sidebar.


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