Things to do before class on Jan. 26

You know you have a deadline for Assignment 1, in Canvas.

In addition to completing Assignment 1, please make sure you’ve done the following before coming to class on Tuesday:

  • Watch the video about prepared statements (“Hacking Websites”), linked under Week 3, if you haven’t already watched it.
  • Watch and complete all exercises in parts 1, 2 and 4 of the Khan Academy SQL course (also linked in the Course Schedule).
  • We did not complete the handout MySQL and PHP: Next Steps in class on Jan. 19. I need you to spend some time studying the files in the Sock Market repo and figuring out for yourself what each file is doing. Write down any questions you have and bring them to class on Jan. 26.
  • Follow along in that handout to review what I said in class, and also to learn about the files we did not open: index_alt.php and js/socks_alt.js — together, those two files avoid the clumsy alert pop-up (page 9 in the handout). The sooner you do this, the easier it will be to connect the information to what we did in class.
  • I have posted a draft of Assignment 2 in Canvas. Please read it and think about what kind of app you want to build for the deadline on Sept. 30.

You’re bound to struggle with Assignment 2 if you allow yourself to fall behind.


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