Take a look at C3.js

I’ve been hearing people mention C3 lately. C3 is a chart-building library based on D3. D3 (d3.js) is well-known as a complex, robust charting library. Most of you have used Highcharts. JavaScript there, JavaScript in D3, JavaScript in C3. It’s all JavaScript.

A number of organizations use Highcharts to make charts. Highcharts requires a licensing fee when it’s used outside personal or nonprofit projects. D3 and C3 are open-source and free. So if you need to create flexible charts for a for-profit company, and they won’t pay for a Highcharts license, welcome to C3.

I like introducing students to charts with Highcharts because of the excellent JSfiddle examples provided. We don’t have that with C3 — or D3. D3 has a very steep learning curve. The best resource I have found for learning D3 is this series of 20 videos (free).

I’m new to C3, but it appears to be much easier to learn (and use) than D3. The C3 JavaScript looks a lot more like the Highcharts JavaScript. If you want to have a quick-and-easy look at C3, here’s my demo page. You can view source there to see the code and the setup. The page also includes links to all the C3 examples and source pages.


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