Using PythonAnywhere to deploy an app

I’m pretty happy about this:


Note that my very simple Python app is live online at this URL (you can try it out): (now offline)

I have a public GitHub repo for this app.

I investigated several options for hosting your (and my) first Flask apps for free. These included Heroku and Google App Engine, but PythonAnywhere turned out to be the easiest and — for our purposes — the best. One nice thing about it is that you can add a MySQL database (at Heroku, you would have to use Postgres, which is an SQL database system, but not the same as MySQL). I didn’t do that (I just used a Python dictionary file, like you did for Assignment 10), but adding a MySQL database looks pretty easy if you read the help files.

Reddit has been very helpful with some of my Flask questions, including this one: Heroku vs. PythonAnywhere? That really convinced me that PythonAnywhere is just right for us.

If you want to add more than one Python app, or unlock certain features, you will have to pay PythonAnywhere. Here are their pricing plans. But for one app that gets limited use, the free account will be just fine!


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