Some final Flask notes

A summary of Flask things covered in class today.


The above comes from this page. In case you want to set a default for a Flask route, or in case you want to have two possibilities open the same URL.

Also remember, we discovered last week that @app.route('/members/') works better than @app.route('/members') — the use of two slashes is more flexible for what people might do in the browser’s address bar.

We discussed Flask’s extra-special static folder. This must be on the same level (at the project’s root) with the templates folder. When you write a link or src attribute to get a file from the static folder, it will follow one of these patterns:

src="{{ url_for( 'static', filename='images/donkey.jpg' }}"

src="/static/images/{{ number }}.jpg"



If you have any additional Flask questions or Flask tips, please add them in the comments here.


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