Some assignment changes, weeks 7 and 8

We didn’t cover all I had hoped to in class on Feb. 21. As a result, I have moved the Mitchell homework (Assignment 6) to one week later. That means the only thing due on Friday, Feb. 24, is the Python homework (Assignment 7).

Assignment 6 will be available on Feb. 25, but I think you might want to wait until after class Feb. 28 to start it. It is due Friday, March 3. I am open to giving you an extension because I will not be grading this until the following week. I will leave the assignment open and “submittable” until March 7.

The only other thing due on March 3 is your scraping proposal. That assignment is open now, so you can get a look at it and start thinking, and you can ask questions about it in class next Tuesday.

The actual scraping project is due Friday, March 24.

Your final Python homework will be due after Spring Break, on March 17.

Last but not least, here is the “prompt” example I showed in class.




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