Recap from class (week 5)

Yesterday in class, we did the following:

  • Reviewed the bash CLI commands, especially those used for navigating into and out of directories (folders).
  • Went over these Python programs and review materials, based on Sweigart’s chapters 1 and 2.
  • Listened to Mary-Lou’s and Danny’s presentations about cool web apps. They will post their resources and links for us in the designated Discussion in Canvas.
  • Installed virtualenv for Python.
  • Created a new virtualenv and activated it.
  • Installed Jupyter Notebook in that virtualenv.
  • Launched Jupyter Notebook (at the bash command).
  • Previewed Assignment 3 in the Jupyter Notebook browser app.
  • Saved and quit  Jupyter Notebook.
  • Deactivated the virtualenv.

We used this Google doc to do the installations. Commands can be copy/pasted from there. You will not need that document in the future, because now everything is installed.

You may want to refer to this Jupyter Notebook cheat sheet in the future as you complete Python assignments based on the Sweigart book.


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