Required work

[ Updated January 5, 2019 ]

Assignments 50 percent
Quizzes 20 percent
Presentations 5 percent
Project 15 percent
Attendance/Participation 10 percent
TOTAL 100 percent

Class attendance and participation

Points will be subtracted if you miss more than one (1) class meeting, are chronically late, or repeatedly show inattention. Participation in class discussions is expected. At times, you will be working on assigned projects during class. Absences due to illness, serious family emergencies, special curricular requirements, etc., will be handled in accordance with UF policies. Note that the attendance tally in Canvas is not equal to your attendance grade.


There will be weekly quizzes on the assigned reading. Quizzes are in Canvas and are open-book. Details about what is covered on that week’s quiz are listed in Canvas, along with exact deadlines.

The formula: Your total quiz points / Total possible quiz points * 20 = 20 percent of your course grade


Assignments are listed in Canvas, along with exact deadlines. For many of the assignments, students will begin the work during class. Students will likely need to work on all assignments outside class to complete them. All students are encouraged to meet with the instructor and/or one another for help with the week’s assignment. Students are encouraged to help one another on assignments but NOT to give solutions to others.

The formula: Your total assignment points / Total possible assignment points * 50 = 50 percent of your course grade


Once during the semester, each student will be responsible for presenting an interesting web app or website that uses back-end technologies. The student is responsible for finding and “deconstructing” the app/site and telling the class what is interesting, admirable, especially cool, etc. The purpose of the presentation is to inspire the class and show how current web technologies and techniques are used. Students are encouraged not only to view source but also to find a “how we made this” article about the app/site. Students might also contact the makers of the app/site and interview them.


  • Your presentation must be at least 5 minutes long and no more than 15 minutes.
  • Show your example onscreen to the class, and demonstrate the parts that impressed you. Please be clear about why something made a good impression on you.
  • Tell which technologies were used to create the site or app. Focus on the impressive parts. DO NOT tell us about technologies that merely package or bundle parts of the app to make it work.
  • Explain what you did to figure out which technologies were used.
  • Create a post in the Canvas discussion for projects. This post must include:
    • A link to the example you chose.
    • Links to any technologies used that we are not already familiar with (e.g. a JavaScript library other than jQuery).
    • Links to any articles or other resources you found that are related to the example, such as a GitHub repo or a “how we made this” post.

Think of this as a show-and-tell that educates the whole class and offers creative inspiration.

Good examples can be found here:

You may select from other sources. You may not present about an example already presented by another student. Also, it’s best to choose an example from the past year or two, not something old. Web technologies change rapidly!

Final project

In the final three weeks of the course, each student will produce and complete a web project suitable for his or her professional portfolio. The project must include at least two of the following: Python, web scraping, a SQL database, a Flask app. It may also include web forms, JavaScript, Bootstrap and any additional technologies you desire. I would strongly prefer that it not include PHP, but talk to me if you feel strongly otherwise.

The project must be live and functional at your domain by the deadline. It must be a usable web app that works in a browser and with which users can interact. It must access some form of data storage (although not necessarily a MySQL database; a JSON file is fine).

Tests and exams

There are no tests or exams in this course.